The artworks of Shimale Peleg provide a rare and wonderful confluence of two separate crafts – the manufacture of special glass, on the one hand, and the manufacture of lighting fixtures, on the other hand. The result is magical. Sold in dedicated galleries in Tel Aviv, New York, Miami, Beverly Hills and other places worldwide, glass fixtures of “Shimal’e Peleg – Light in Art” have been integrated in many important interiors over the past 15 years.

Combining sublime pieces of glass that have a jewel-like quality with the latest lighting technologies, the artist’s works attract great attention due to their strong colorfulness, alongside their many neutral shades.

His exquisite light collections range from classical warmth to clean and modern designs, in homes and commercial hospitality spaces. The glass & light collection of Shimal’e Peleg presents ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, wall fixtures and painted glass.

Architects all over the world have found that working with Shimal’e on large customized light fixtures has provided their projects with both a signature quality, as well as the required ambient lighting to their projects. Every light fixture offers the architect a fascinating dialogue, taking them into a world of masterpieces, a world that defines spaces in an extraordinary way.